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Aromatherapy and Massage

January 19, 2011

Aromatherapy is an ancient therapeutic modality which can be used for many things such as relaxation, rejuvenation, healing and even cellulite reduction. The art of massage has its own deep historical roots, with even Plato and Socrates emphasizing the value of hands on bodywork for good health. Separately, aromatherapy and massage are very influential on good health and well being. When combined, they become a strong health alliance that can address not only physical health, but the health of the mind and spirit as well.  

Why is aromatherapy and massage together so powerful together? Massage and aromatherapy work so well together mainly because our body’s senses are designed to work in conjunction with each other for optimal performance. For example, our sense of taste would not be the same without our sense of smell lending its support. The same goes for touch and smell. For this reason many massage therapists are combining the use of essential oils with massage to further nurture the mind, body and spirit.  

How can you integrate aromatherapy into your massage routine? Here are 5 simple ways: Add a couple drops of an essential oil into your massage oil Use aromatherapy candles in your massage room Mix specific oils together to individualize the treatment based on your client’s needs Use an aromatherapy diffuser in your massage room Create an aromatherapy foot bath for your client’s to soak their feet in while inhaling the aroma scent

What aromatherapy formulas are best for my clients? To individualize aromatherapy massage treatment for each client, it is important to obtain feedback from the client. Have the client fill out an intake form and discuss the use of aromatherapy before their massage session. Here are a few sample individualized formulas you can try in your practice:

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