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Free Course and Sale Items

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Pediatric MassagePediatric MassageCE Hours: 10$110.00  $80.00
Ethics and Research Package 4Ethics and Research Package 4CE Hours: 12$140.00  $75.00
Ethics and Research Package 5Ethics and Research Package 5CE Hours: 12$140.00  $75.00
24 Hour Online Package 124 Hour Online Package 1CE Hours: 24$225.00  $175.00
24 Hour Online Package 224 Hour Online Package 2CE Hours: 24$225.00  $175.00
24 Hour Package 324 Hour Package 3CE Hours: 24$260.00  $200.00
24 Hour Package 124 Hour Package 1CE Hours: 24$275.00  $200.00
24 Hour Package 224 Hour Package 2CE Hours: 24$275.00  $200.00
50 Hour Online Package50 Hour Online PackageCE Hours: 50$375.00  $300.00
50 Hour Package 150 Hour Package 1CE Hours: 50$450.00  $375.00
50 Hour Package 250 Hour Package 2CE Hours: 50$450.00  $375.00
50 Hour Package 350 Hour Package 3CE Hours: 50$450.00  $375.00
50 Hour Package 450 Hour Package 4CE Hours: 50$450.00  $375.00
100 Hour Package 1100 Hour Package 1CE Hours: 100$700.00  $600.00
100 Hour Package 2100 Hour Package 2CE Hours: 100$700.00  $600.00
100 Hour Package 3100 Hour Package 3CE Hours: 100$700.00  $600.00
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