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Reiki Basics - 5 CE Hours

The NCBTMB and state approved 5 CE hour Reiki Basics course will introduce you to reiki therapy and its related theories.
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The 5 CE hour Reiki Basics home study course will introduce you to the theory and practice of Reiki therapy. Reiki, pronounced "ray-key", is a spiritual healing process founded in Japan by a man named Mikao Usui. The practice of Reiki involves transferring energy through the practitioner laying their hands on the client using different hand positions. This course will present you with detailed information explaining the history or Reiki, how Reiki works on the body, and what you can do if you are interested in practicing Reiki on your clients. It will also explain basic hand positions and contraindications to Reiki therapy. This course is a great resource for all massage therapists.

This Course Will Present:

  • Definition and history of Reiki therapy
  • Benefits and contraindications of Reiki
  • Different degrees of Reiki training and how you can become a Reiki practitioner
  • Sample case studies of how Reiki can heal the body
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